Celebrate Independence Day in Style

4thWith the grand prix of summer weekends quickly approaching, everyone is gearing up for the festivities in celebration of our independence from Great Britain in 1776. The national holiday marked by patriotic displays hosts hundreds of outdoor events nationwide. Parades, barbecue, and fireworks are just a few of the things that make this summer holiday one of our favorites. Whether you’re packing up for a picnic in Central Park, headed out for a weekend in the Hamptons, or utilizing the holiday as a chance to vacation with the family, we compiled a list of all your Independence Day must-haves.

It wouldn’t be a proper celebration without everyone decked out from head to toe in red, white, and blue. This year, leave your American flag shirt at home. There are plenty of ways to display your pride without draping yourself in a once-a-year fashion disaster. Show off your patriotic spirit with a custom-made shirt from Clifton Charles! Check out our four Fourth of July featured fabrics:

Fourth Featured FabricsIf you’re planning to hit the beach, try solid navy or red swim trunks. Guys, leave the American flag printed shorts at home. If you do not have either color of swimwear, soak up some sun on a red, white, and blue towel.

7" Board Short in both red and navy from J. Crew. Americana Beach Towel from Bed, Bath, & Beyond

7″ Board Short in both red and navy from J. Crew. Americana Beach Towel from Bed, Bath, & Beyond

You can further accessorize your holiday-wear with the perfect pair of shades. Pick up a pair of solid navy sunglasses to throw on while you are at the parade or during a game of Frisbee on the beach. Again, no American flag print. Actually, just leave the print for flags and avoid wearing it.

Navy Ray-Ban aviators

Navy Ray-Ban aviators

Planning to attend a dinner party? If you need a more formal patriotic look, a classic navy blue suit is the perfect way to dress the part and still show off your spirit. Opt for a clean white dress shirt underneath, and a bold red tie. Bonus points of the pattern in the tie incorporates some navy blue.

Custom suit, shirt, and tie from Clifton Charles

Custom suit, shirt, and tie from Clifton Charles

Once you’ve taken care of your ‘Proud to be an American’ wardrobe, don’t forget the other necessities! July is National UV Safety Month. No matter where you spend your holiday, remember to pack the SPF (and some aloe too, just in case). Re-apply your sunscreen often to ensure you avoid any damage from harmful UV rays. Just as important as the sunscreen, be sure to have bottled water handy. With the July heat blazing, you won’t want to forget to stay hydrated.

With all of the essentials covered, you can dress to impress and show off your patriotic spirit! So grab a cocktail, go to a rooftop or head down to the water to watch the fireworks. You are ready to celebrate Independence Day in style. Now, you can finally get out your American flags. Happy Fourth of July!


If you are hosting a party, check out Instyle’s Show-Stopping Red, White, and Blue Cocktails for delicious drink recipes to please all of your guests.

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How to Look Good in a White Suit

beach wedding blonde lg How to Wear a White Suit

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White suits are a nice respite from the otherwise daily navy blue and charcoal gray suits. The color is known for reflecting sunlight and therefore keeping you more cool than when dressed in darker colors. Fabrics suitable for this type of weather are linen and cotton, which will keep you more cool than for example flannel or wool.

Lately, it is not that easy for guys to wear a white suit appropriately and stylish. It looks quite ostentatious and flashy on people like Diddy, symbolizing wealth and excess. At the same time, on others like Tom Wolfe, it can look smart and demonstrate refinement and decency. To succeed in achieving the latter as opposed to the former, we have some guidelines and recommendations for you to use when you want to wear a white suit.


Most men choose the khaki suit to wear in the summer. Probably not just because they like the color, but also because they do not know how to wear a white suit in the right way. Rule number one is to only wear white suits in warm weather. As soon as the thermometer hits 72°F, you will have the perfect reason to wear a white suit. When you live in a warmer climate, you can really benefit from having a good white suit or two.

Special occasions often call for something different to wear than the usual. Open air summer parties, weddings during the day, and the Labor Day white party are all great times to get use out of your white suit. Not to mention the perfect opportunity to show off any color suit at the regular Clifton Charles events or parties.


We recommend to keep the shirt under your white suit quite simple. The goal is to complement your already attention-getting suit with the perfect shirt. With a white suit, the shirt will stand out more than paired with a darker suit. Choose a solid light pastel color  to create a nice and cheerful summer effect. Another option would be a white fabric with a pen stripe or a flat slate gray. For the more informal events, consider a pale blue gingham check.

We want to discourage you from choosing white, because first of all it is pretty rare to have a perfectly matching white colored shirt. Secondly, a white suit combined with a white shirt can be too formal and when standing in front of a bright light even look luminous.


The rules are pretty simple. Don’t get tempted to wear your heavy, dark dress shoes that you would normally wear with a navy or charcoal gray suit. Choose a lighter shoe to stay in the summer theme, like light tan leather or a light gray suede. The cut of your shoes should be the same as the shoes you usually wear, unless you really feel for something different. If you would like to make a fashion statement, try black suede high tops. Stay away from patent leather lace-ups, because they tend to make your look a lot more formal. Make sure the color of your shoes matches or complements the color of your shirt or with your tie if you’re wearing one. Furthermore, not wearing socks can add the desired casual flair to the look and keep your feet cool.

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A wise option would be to leave the tie at home, since the white suit is associated with summer heat. However, if you feel like wearing a tie, pick a simple and basic one that complements your shirt. Don’t be afraid to go for a brighter colored tie, like aqua blue or fuchsia. If nothing else seems to work, a solid, thin black tie is always an option. Another great addition to the white summer suit would be a classy summer hat, which will – besides being a nice accessory – protect your head against sunburn. Light tan would usually be a good choice, especially when combined with shoes in a similar color.

Article source: http://everyguyed.com/fashion-101/wear-white-suit/