Collar Pins

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An elegantly worn tie should have a slight forward arch below the knot. Back in the days when three piece suits were more common than two piece suits, the tie was supported by the vest, forcing it a bit forward. Achieving this arch nowadays can be hard without the vest, however there are some tools to get there. Wearing a collar pin or a shirt with a tab collar can help your tie to ‘pop’, but then again, these accessories have become less common to wear. Obviously, this is not an excuse to forget about dressing well all together. We should always strive to present ourselves well, like Frank Sinatra did.

A long time ago, the collars of many dress shirts were specifically designed to wear them with a collar pin. One would pin the collar pin or bar through the collars to hold up the tie. Some collar pins look a lot like a safety pin while others might look more like an extended piercing with two small balls at both ends. The latter is called a barbell and both ends screw off to easily shove the pin through the holes in the collar wings. The third possible design is a bar with clips on both ends that takes hold of the collar ends (picture).

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The pin collar style is suited for all face shapes except for a diamond shape face. Shirts with this type of collar are not meant to wear without a tie, as the holes in the collar wings will look strange. The tab collar is another option to create an arch in your tie. Two small pieces of fabric and a button connect the collar wings together. The tie is worn over this ‘tab’. This will keep your collar nice in place and make your tie look really good.


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