37 Conversation Rules for Gentlemen from 1875


The Art of Manliness

At Clifton Charles our goal is to help bring out the gentlemen within or the gentlemen our clients aspire to be. ¬†We do this by tailoring only the finest garments worthy of a proper gentleman. We can dress the man, but it is up to him to follow the many “rules” that are required of true gentleman-hood. As The Art of Manliness notes in their article from an excerpt of “A Gentlemen’s Guide To Etiquette” by Cecil B. Hartley, written in 1875, these rules will still apply today!

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Whether it is in a casual conversation or a business meeting, it is very un-gentlemen like to interrupt someone when they are speaking. Especially if you are dressed how every gentlemen should be. If you are just sitting there looking your best, words do not have to be spoken to get your point across.

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Do you agree with these rules? What are your favorites that you think are key necessities for a man to be considered a “true gentlemen”?