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A couple of weeks ago, we had an in-house visit from the Editor of the online magazine StyleWhipped, Alison Stewart.  She brought along photographer Andrew Werner and model Kaolin Bass to help her show us off. She just posted the article, check it out below!

January 28, 2013

Letter From the Editor: Custom Menswear from Clifton Charles


Last year, I had the pleasure of meeting Clifton Berry, who along with Wayne Taitt, is one half of Clifton Charles, an amazing custom suit & shirt destination. According to Clifton, who I finally had a chance to sit down and chat with (there we are in the photo below), they are “selling confidence.” And there is nothing more of a confidence-booster to a man than a perfectly fitted suit and shirt combo. And here in NYC, Clifton Charles is THE place to go to buy some confidence…

In 2008, Clifton and Wayne, who were college friends that both ended up working in finance for 12 years, realized there was a major missing piece of American menswear, quit their jobs, and launched Clifton Charles. Not only were off-the-rack shirts not fitting them the way they really wanted, but while on his honeymoon in Shanghai in 2005, Wayne had discovered how quickly you could get custom suits made. But being the business-savvy guys they were, both Clifton and Wayne also knew that they had to somehow straddle both the luxury and value markets (we all remember what happened to our economy in 2008…).


So they did their research and talked to endless potential clients. And they came up with a way to provide all made-in-the-USA suits and dress shirts from fabrics sourced from the UK and Italy (all of their shirts are made from sumptuous full Peruvian pima cotton) that can be made in a shockingly short amount of time (10-15 business days for shirts; 4-6 weeks for suits). There is no minimum of how many pieces you have to buy, and those shirts? 100% custom for $100-$150 (Seriously!) Wait, it gets better…their suits will run you anywhere from $895 to $1295. And in terms of quality, attention to detail and fabrication, a Clifton Charles suit at $895 is comparable to a $3,000 designer suit you’d find in a department store. Oh, and don’t forget…theirs is custom…which means it is made from scratch according to your measurements…with your choice of fabrics, finishes, and free-of-charge extra perks like fabulous linings, monograms on your shirt cuffs, and more. The guys will even act as personal stylists, helping you to make your choices (wider leg or narrow? what kind of lapels? single-breasted or double?) with your lifestyle and preferences in mind.


I know you are wondering if you fit into the average Clifton Charles customer. And while some of their clients are in fact CEO’s of major banks, professional althetes, and the like, their clients are also lawyers, bankers (who aren’t the CEO…) and every other type of suit-wearing executive. They come from all over the world (from as far as Australia) and flock to trunk shows the company hosts in other cities like Chicago, Washington DC, and Los Angeles. And because once your measurements and preferences are in their system, you can order new suits and shirts anytime online. No need to be in NYC…you just need to be aware that you need more of these beautiful pieces in your wardrobe! And just how beautiful are they? Well, I was personally excited enough to want to share the company with our readers here. The fabrics feel like the finest air. The details are perfectly tailored and finished. The cheeky extras (like purple iridescent silk linings…) will make you feel like a rockstar in a suit.

My suggestion? Pay Clifton Charles a visit online or at their Manhattan showroom at 30 West 18th Street. Because that confidence? Yeah, you will have just bought it.

~ Alison.

(Check out our model starting the process of ordering a custom suit with Clifton’s help…I have a feeling he is going to be very happy with the result!) Model: Kaolin Bass / All photos: Andrew Werner Photography



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Check out the official website article here

Style Icon: Bond, James Bond

Every man knows his name, his drink of choice, and his number. He is The Spy. He has defined the face of style for decades with his wit to charm the masses, sophistication beyond measure, and killer instinct.

Bond, James Bond.

For those of us who find any excuse to wear exceptional clothing, Bond is a Style Icon.  He attends countless parties, functions, and events, dressed better than every other guest present.  And somehow, no matter where in the world he is, an ice castle or a casino, he always manages to find trouble…often-times, in the form of a woman.

How does he do it?  He’s constantly fighting, running, chasing, shooting, charming, dancing, and driving, so his toys have to hold on for the ride. His trusty quartermaster, Q, designs cars, guns, explosive pens, and everything in-between to suit Bond’s spy-style. Every gadget plays its role in Bond’s countless successes, so why not his clothes?

Well, in truth, they’re all perfect fits – custom fit. Each different Bond has his own take on the style made known by the role. Each film adapts with the changing times, so Bond’s style adapts along with it, while still maintaining the signature classic nature of his wardrobe.

Here’s a clip from Casino Royale, the first installment of Daniel Craig’s Bond legacy. Vesper, while she has her weaknesses, can flat out measure a man up!

If you’re ever wondering what to wear to an event, just watch a Bond flick. You can’t go wrong with any of these suits. But, know this, if you’re going to wear a white tux with a large red boutonniere, you’d better be Sean Connery.

No matter how many faces he has had, his style remains the same: killer.



Twelve Shirt Theory

Calendar-page001How many dress shirts should you have in a proper shirt wardrobe?  We’ve done the math and have the answer: a professional gentleman’s wardrobe should possess a base of twelve. With this combination of shirts, a man can wear a fresh one each day for two weeks! When you pair your shirts with accessories and suits, you’ll add countless looks to your wardrobe.

This calendar is here for you! Each day holds one of Clifton Charles’ essential fabrics that create the essential shirt wardrobe. Luckily for you, each shirt can be customized to fit your personality and daily needs.

Once you have these twelve, continue expanding!

Be Active in Your Suit

cclifestyle-1166 copy

Recently, we had a client come into the office for a fitting who knew of his active lifestyle. He told tales of old suits that were too tight and countless uncomfortable workdays.  While taking his measurements, we paid attention to his experiences because they shape how he will wear his suit. As we discussed the requirements of his daily life, we began to settle on a suit that will allow him the movement he needs to be successful.

Here at Clifton Charles, we recognize the importance of being active.  You’re on-the-go, constantly moving.  What good is a stiff suit? Your job, your flexibility, your life should never suffer as a result of your attire. Being well dressed does not mean being uncomfortable. We live in a world where men are constantly pushing themselves to take the next step, literally and figuratively.

Your suit is more than it’s appearance; it’s a tool. Use it!