Look Good for the Holidays

You’re heading home for the holidays. You’ve been working seventy-hour weeks for months, and this is the first break you’ve had. Your family thinks you work too hard, but success is your goal. Bring the city style home with you. Dress well, but keep it casual. Grab a brown sportcoat with a subtle check or plaid paired with a shirt with a small check. Stand out, but stay comfortable.

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Your holiday gift from your girlfriend is to meet her parents.  This season is known for the incredible pressure it puts on relationships. If it’s your first time meeting your girlfriend’s parents, you want to look like the million bucks that you are. Pair your clothes with your attitude, and dress with confidence. A light blue shirt with a solid blue blazer tells her parents you’re the right fit.  Don’t overdo it though, no tie.

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The firm holiday party is tomorrow. After working all week, this party is a great way to unwind with your co-workers. Luckily for you, it’s also a great time to add a festive accent to your classic work attire. Impress your co-workers with your newest joke, have a drink on the company’s dime, and show off your wardrobe. Feel powerful with a pop of color.

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