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Gay Gaddis, the Founder and CEO of T3, the technology fueled creative agency, with offices in Austin, San Francisco, and New York featured Clifton Charles in a recent article in discussing our current growth and success over the past 5 years.

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Artist/Rebel/Dandy: Beau Brummell

Artist/Rebel/Dandy:  Beau Brummell

Beau Brummell has been a fashion icon since the late 1700′s.

He brought a new sense of style and flair to the men’s fashion world during his time. Brummell was born into a middle-class family in London, England but managed to elevate his status into Regency-era circles purely from his dressed and comportment.

Beau, much as we do at Clifton Charles, believed in perfectly fitted clothing combined with luxurious fabrics and attention to detail. Though taking as long as five hours to get ready, as Beau Brummell is purported  to have taken, isn’t practical in today’s world, yet careful attention to your dress carry you far as well.


 This past weekend our very own Clifton Berry visited The Museum of Art at the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) to attend the new exhibit “Artist/Rebel/Dandy: Men of Fashion” which featured the last surviving image of George Bryan “Beau Brummell.”

Screen shot 2013-07-16 at 2.20.03 PM The Clifton Charles team would like for more men to aspire to the aesthetics of Beau Brummell.  Nothing is more powerful or impressive to witness than a man in a well-fitted suit or shirt.  The importance of grooming and dress cannot be understated as part of one’s personal and professional arsenal. Dressing well is more than just a fashion statement, it is a way of life.

Read The Wall Street Journal’s article on the exhibit:

37 Conversation Rules for Gentlemen from 1875


The Art of Manliness

At Clifton Charles our goal is to help bring out the gentlemen within or the gentlemen our clients aspire to be.  We do this by tailoring only the finest garments worthy of a proper gentleman. We can dress the man, but it is up to him to follow the many “rules” that are required of true gentleman-hood. As The Art of Manliness notes in their article from an excerpt of “A Gentlemen’s Guide To Etiquette” by Cecil B. Hartley, written in 1875, these rules will still apply today!

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Whether it is in a casual conversation or a business meeting, it is very un-gentlemen like to interrupt someone when they are speaking. Especially if you are dressed how every gentlemen should be. If you are just sitting there looking your best, words do not have to be spoken to get your point across.

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Do you agree with these rules? What are your favorites that you think are key necessities for a man to be considered a “true gentlemen”?

Clifton Berry in Destinations, Weddings, and Honeymoons Magazine


Posted on May 22, 2013

With wedding season kicking into high gear, it is a great time to revisit Clifton’s interview in last summer’s edition of Destinations, Weddings, and Honeymoons Magazine on the importance and luxury of wearing a custom tuxedo or suit for your wedding. Many men struggle with finding the correct fitting and appropriate suit, especially during wedding season, and at Clifton Charles we’re here to expertly guide you through the process. Below is the full article of Clifton’s wedding style tips. Check it out!

For the Groom: Tips on Choosing the Right Wedding Suit

July 23rd, 2012

by: Brooke Showell

As grooms make the switch from rented tuxes to handpicked suits, they’re able to hold their own next to the bride like never before. “One of the most rewarding things is seeing the confidence a man has when a suit fits him,” says custom tailor Clifton Berry of Clifton Charles, in New York City. Here is Berry’s best advice for creating a custom look.


Photo by Kesner Bienvenu

Get oriented. Think about the wedding’s location, season and time of day — and decide if the new duds are just for the I do’s or if you plan to wear them again. The fit and feel should match both his style and the event’s tone, whether it’s a Mad Men-esque suit with a skinny lapel for a sleek gallery gala or a lightweight morning coat for a daytime garden ceremony.

Get measured. To achieve the perfect fit, tailors may take up to 30 measurements. If you can’t make it in person, have your local dry cleaner size you up, or send in your best-fitting suit as a model.

Get personal. Have fun personalizing with special features like a unique lining (wild paisley, your wedding colors, etc.), your initials embroidered in the jacket, a coordinating bow tie or vest, or shirt studs and matching cuff links.

Check out the official website article here:

Clifton Charles on

A couple of weeks ago, we had an in-house visit from the Editor of the online magazine StyleWhipped, Alison Stewart.  She brought along photographer Andrew Werner and model Kaolin Bass to help her show us off. She just posted the article, check it out below!

January 28, 2013

Letter From the Editor: Custom Menswear from Clifton Charles


Last year, I had the pleasure of meeting Clifton Berry, who along with Wayne Taitt, is one half of Clifton Charles, an amazing custom suit & shirt destination. According to Clifton, who I finally had a chance to sit down and chat with (there we are in the photo below), they are “selling confidence.” And there is nothing more of a confidence-booster to a man than a perfectly fitted suit and shirt combo. And here in NYC, Clifton Charles is THE place to go to buy some confidence…

In 2008, Clifton and Wayne, who were college friends that both ended up working in finance for 12 years, realized there was a major missing piece of American menswear, quit their jobs, and launched Clifton Charles. Not only were off-the-rack shirts not fitting them the way they really wanted, but while on his honeymoon in Shanghai in 2005, Wayne had discovered how quickly you could get custom suits made. But being the business-savvy guys they were, both Clifton and Wayne also knew that they had to somehow straddle both the luxury and value markets (we all remember what happened to our economy in 2008…).


So they did their research and talked to endless potential clients. And they came up with a way to provide all made-in-the-USA suits and dress shirts from fabrics sourced from the UK and Italy (all of their shirts are made from sumptuous full Peruvian pima cotton) that can be made in a shockingly short amount of time (10-15 business days for shirts; 4-6 weeks for suits). There is no minimum of how many pieces you have to buy, and those shirts? 100% custom for $100-$150 (Seriously!) Wait, it gets better…their suits will run you anywhere from $895 to $1295. And in terms of quality, attention to detail and fabrication, a Clifton Charles suit at $895 is comparable to a $3,000 designer suit you’d find in a department store. Oh, and don’t forget…theirs is custom…which means it is made from scratch according to your measurements…with your choice of fabrics, finishes, and free-of-charge extra perks like fabulous linings, monograms on your shirt cuffs, and more. The guys will even act as personal stylists, helping you to make your choices (wider leg or narrow? what kind of lapels? single-breasted or double?) with your lifestyle and preferences in mind.


I know you are wondering if you fit into the average Clifton Charles customer. And while some of their clients are in fact CEO’s of major banks, professional althetes, and the like, their clients are also lawyers, bankers (who aren’t the CEO…) and every other type of suit-wearing executive. They come from all over the world (from as far as Australia) and flock to trunk shows the company hosts in other cities like Chicago, Washington DC, and Los Angeles. And because once your measurements and preferences are in their system, you can order new suits and shirts anytime online. No need to be in NYC…you just need to be aware that you need more of these beautiful pieces in your wardrobe! And just how beautiful are they? Well, I was personally excited enough to want to share the company with our readers here. The fabrics feel like the finest air. The details are perfectly tailored and finished. The cheeky extras (like purple iridescent silk linings…) will make you feel like a rockstar in a suit.

My suggestion? Pay Clifton Charles a visit online or at their Manhattan showroom at 30 West 18th Street. Because that confidence? Yeah, you will have just bought it.

~ Alison.

(Check out our model starting the process of ordering a custom suit with Clifton’s help…I have a feeling he is going to be very happy with the result!) Model: Kaolin Bass / All photos: Andrew Werner Photography



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